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At ClearBlu pools we understand how important a clean and vibrant pool is to you and your family. Not only does a ClearBlu pool look fresh and inviting. A dirty, unkept pool can have a negative effect on you and your family’s health. Our dedicated team of professionals are proud to offer all the latest in water testing technologies, superior knowledge of the most common pool operating systems, including both manual and automatic systems, experience and knowledge with both chlorine and saltwater pools.

ClearBlu pool cleaning Melbourne, offers a superior pool cleaning service, our dedicated team of professionals, identify the problem and work with you our customers to solve it. Whether your swimming pool needs just a simple brush clean, or your pool needs to be turn from green to clean and anything in between, ClearBlu pools will make it happen.

Contact us today to experience the ClearBlu difference and have your pool sparkle ClearBlu all year round.

We proudly service homes in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs including Doreen, Whittlesea, Mernda, Diamond Creek, Epping, South Morang, Wollert, Hurstbridge and surrounding suburbs.

Pool Maintenance Services

Why is it important to clean and maintain your pool?

It is important to maintain your pool on a regular basis to ensure that it is clean and safe for swimming. There are a number of things that you need to do to maintain your pool, including:- cleaning the pool on a regular basis:

  1. checking the pH level of the water and adjusting it as necessary;
  2. adding chlorine or other sanitizing agents to the water;
  3. testing the water regularly for impurities;
  4. servicing the pool equipment on a regular basis.

If you don’t maintain your pool properly, it can become a health hazard. The water can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses, which can cause serious illnesses. In addition, the pool itself can become structurally unsound if it is not maintained properly. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of your pool. If you have any questions about how to properly maintain your pool, you should consult with one of our experts today.

How often should my pool be cleaned and maintained?

Most pool maintenance companies will recommend that you have your pool cleaned at least once a week. This ensures that the pool stays clean and clear, and also helps to prolong its life.

Of course, the frequency with which you have your pool cleaned will also depend on how often it is used. If you have a lot of people using your pool on a regular basis, then you may need to have it cleaned more often. Conversely, if it is only used occasionally, then you can probably get away with having it cleaned less often.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how often to have your pool cleaned, but following the recommendations of your maintenance company is a good place to start.

Pool Maintenance Services


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does pool cleaning cost?

It really depends on your individual circumstances and what is needed for your pool. The bigger the job the more expensive it will be. Rates are calculated by hour. 

Is it worth having a pool cleaning service? 

In short, yes. A pool cleaning service can save you time, the cost of chemicals, and a lot of hard work. Pool cleaning experts have more experience than you and will complete the cleaning process faster and more completely. 

Is it cheaper to clean your own pool? 

Although it may be initially cheaper to clean your own pool, the process is complicated and time consuming. If you miss any steps this can result in toxic pool water and expensive damage to your pool and filters. For peace of mind, many pool owners choose to hire a pool cleaning company 

How often should you clean your swimming pool? 

The number of times you clean your pool depends on your individual set up. Typically surface skimming and floor vacuuming should be done several times per week. The water can be tested once per week, while filter cleaning can be done monthly 

What goes into pool cleaning? 

Pool cleaning is an entire process, with many steps. The surface of the pool is cleaned with a skimmer, the pool floor is usually cleaned with a pool vacuum. The walls and tiles of the pool need to be scrubbed to remove built of calcium and algae. Finally, the pool water needs to be chemically balanced and treated with chlorine to prevent microbe growth. Pool filters also need to be cleaned and maintained

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