Mobile Water Testing and Chemical Sales

Keep your pool balanced with our professional mobile water testing and premium pool chemicals.

Mobile Water Testing

Water testing provides accurate information about the condition of your pool. It quickly assesses whether the water is correctly balanced, which is essential for health and safety as well as the pool’s appearance.

Pool owners that regularly have their water tested rarely experience problems with algae and bacteria. They also spend less time and money correcting the imbalances, leaving them more time to enjoy swimming in their pool!

ClearBlu Pools perform mobile pool water testing using premium equipment. The Onsite Electronic Water Analysis reviews the following elements:

  • Onsite Electronic Water analysis
  • Testing for Free, Total & Combined Chlorines, Bromine, pH Balance, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Calcium/Magnesium Hardness, Phosphates, metals & salinity.
  • Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS), Conductivity & Temperature
  • Green Algae, Mustard Algae, Black Spot Algae

Our professional mobile pool water testing enables us to truly understand what your pool needs to be sparkling clear and safe for your family. Once the testing is complete, we can customise the treatment to suit your pool’s unique chemical needs.

Call us to arrange a mobile pool water test and learn precisely what chemicals your pool needs!

We offer a range of pool and spa cleaning services:

As well as a range of products including: 

Mobile Water Testing

Once your pool has been analysed, we’ll determine what chemicals the water needs to be safe, clean, and clear. This accurate analysis prevents expensive and frustrating trial and error. It also stops you from putting too much or too little of a specific chemical into the pool, which could generate an unwanted effect. Being precise and safe with pool chemicals is a must, and that’s why our pool cleaning professionals handle everything for you!

We source and sell a variety of pool chemicals, including:

  • Chlorines
  • Balancers
  • Clarifiers
  • Clarifiers
  • Algaecides
  • Specialty Chemicals

  • Magnesium Minerals

Contact us to arrange mobile water testing or to learn more about pool chemicals.

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