Green Pool Recovery

At ClearBlu Pools, we handle the entire process of green pool recovery for you- transforming your pool from green to clean!

Without regular use or maintenance, the contaminants in a pool can build up, causing the water to turn green. There are a variety of reasons why pools can turn green, including faulty equipment, stagnant water, phosphates or heat causing the multiplication of algae.

The bacteria and algae that exist in dirty green pool water can be harmful to swimmers. Unfortunately, even if pool water appears clear, it may be harmful if the pH, chlorine, acid, copper, iron, calcium hardness, alkalinity, and phosphate are not correctly balanced. This is why green pool recovery should not only strive to make the water clear but also use a measured balance of chemicals so it’s safe.

  • Specialty chemical treatments
  • Acid washing
  • Pool draining
  • Pool refills

We offer a range of pool and spa cleaning services:

  • Green pool recovery
  • Regular and casual visits
  • Total management plans

As well as a range of products including: 

Black Pool Recovery

In extreme cases, pool water can appear black, meaning it is highly contaminated and must be treated. While each case is treated individually, some black pools require drainage if chemical treatment is not enough to destroy the contaminants. In this case, we can help you to drain and refill your pool, leaving the water safe and clean.

If your pool water is green or black, call ClearBlu Pools for professional recovery treatment. We know the testing and management methods required to kill bacteria, remove debris and leave your water sparkling clean.

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