Pool and Sand Filters

Pool filters are an essential part of the pool cleaning process. While chemicals like chlorine kill contaminants, your pool filter actively removes that debris from the water.

At ClearBlu Pools, we can help you to find the right filter for your pool and maintain the equipment long-term.

A filtration system removes unwanted matter from your pool to enhance the clarity and purity of the water. When not filtered, pool water can look cloudy or murky due to floating debris. There are different kinds of pool filters, each playing a role in the overall cleanliness of your water.

At ClearBlu Pools, we can help you to select and install the best filters for your pool. Whether you are building a new pool, updating an existing pool, or are unhappy with the performance of your current filters, we can assist.

Pool filter technology has evolved significantly over the last 40 years. Cartridge and DE filters used to be the only option available to pool owners, media filters including sand and glass filters and now the most advanced and effective systems.

Sand filters require less maintenance and are more durable than the original DE and cartridge filters. A further step up in performance is the glass media filter. These refined systems offer the highest level of filtration and are better for the environment.

We offer a range of pool and spa cleaning services:

As well as a range of products including: 

At ClearBlu Pools, we supply, install, repair, and replace pool filters:

  • Glass media filters
  • Sand media filters
  • Cartridge / filter elements

For more information on filters, or to purchase one for your pool, contact ClearBlu pools today.

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