Pool Heating

Extend your pool season with an efficient and reliable heating system.

At ClearBlu Pools, we supply, install, and maintain pool heating equipment so that you can regulate the temperature of the water to boost the usability and enjoyment of your pool.

Heating has become an essential feature of modern-day pools. Not only does it ensure you maximise the use of your pool, but it also makes swimming conditions more comfortable and enjoyable. There are various types of pool heating available, including gas heaters, solar heating and heat pumps.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters can reliably and effectively heat pools and spas. They don’t rely on external factors to operate and can heat water quickly. The downside of gas heaters is that they run on unclean energy and are therefore not sustainable. They also require the ongoing cost of gas as well as an initial purchase and installation fee.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar heating is a sustainable and cost-effective way to heat your pool. For optimal results, your solar system must be placed on an area of the roof that gets maximum sun exposure. Solar heating requires little maintenance and only involves a one-off set-up cost. The disadvantage of solar pool heating is that heating may occur more slowly than other methods as it is weather dependent.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use electricity to heat your pool water, meaning they are not dependent on weather. If your home does not get adequate sunlight, heat pumps may be a good alternative to solar heating. The downside of heat pumps is that they require extensive electrical power, meaning your electricity bill could skyrocket.

We offer a range of pool and spa cleaning services:

As well as a range of products including: 

We also supply pool heating accessories to support pool heating and keep your pool warmer for longer. These include:

  • Solar pool covers blankets
  • Solar pumps
  • Solar controllers
  • Solar sensors

Don’t let the unpredictable Melbourne weather stop you from enjoying your pool! Whether you want to upgrade an existing system or install new pool heating, we can help. Contact us at ClearBlu Pools for more information on heating your pool.

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