Pool Chlorinators

Keep your pool water clean with the accuracy and convenience of a pool chlorinator.

At ClearBlu Pools, we can help you to find the perfect chlorinator unit for your pool, ensuring your water is balanced at all times.

Pools must be regularly sanitised and cleaned to ensure the water is free from harmful substances. If your pool water does not maintain the correct balance of chemicals, it can become a haven for algae, bacteria and viruses. Not only does this create an unhealthy environment for swimmers, but it can also look cloudy or dirty and limit the time you can use your pool.

Chlorine is used to kill germs and bacteria in swimming pools such as salmonella and E. coli. When the dosage is correct, chlorine plays a major role in pool cleanliness, however too much can cause skin irritation to swimmers.

Typically, pool owners add chlorine directly to their pool in liquid form, or with slow release chlorine tablets. While these are both low-cost options, a pool chlorinator makes the process more accurate and convenient.

Pool chlorinators automatically disperse chlorine into your pool as required, meaning you no longer have to add chlorine manually. This automated system allows you to set the rate at which the chlorine dissolves and not have to worry about whether your pool has a shortage or excess of chlorine.

We offer a range of pool and spa cleaning services:

As well as a range of products including: 

At ClearBlu Pools, we can help you to find a pool chlorinator to suit your pool. We only recommend and supply the most trusted brands to our customers including:

  • Astral
  • Theralux / Therachlor
  • Hayward
  • Waterco
  • Davey
  • Chemigem

We will also source other brands upon request.

In addition to supplying and installing pool chlorinators, we also offer a repair service. If your chlorinator needs maintenance or spare parts, we can help you to fix the equipment and ensure its functioning properly.

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